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NFTs Hans Verhaegen

Since April 2021 I started to experiment with offering digital online art for sale. My work only appears on the major Tezos marketplaces.

This guide will help you to navigate my adventure in blockland.


Prints by Hans Verhaegen

If you are interested in an analogue work, please contact me: hans(at)hansup(dot)be. Meanwhile you can browse this list of printed works on paper.

I try to at least have a conversation with future collectors and turn a sale into an pleasant event that can transcend the mere transfer of 'an amount to an account'.

This list of works contains almost everything I have ever made. Maintaining it on its own has a certain usefulness in my creative process and might also be considered as a work of art.

Attention: there are more than 1000 works of art and I have hardly provided any navigation or other handy means to stroll through the list. Chances are you will get a bit lost. Again, do not hesitate to contact me.

Here you can, quite informatively, also find an old version of my Terms and Conditions.


At the moment I do not work exclusively with a gallery or curator. Proposals are of course always welcome.

If renting a work of art appeals to you and you are living in Belgium, you can currently contact Kunst in huis.