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Hicetnunc (tzNFT)

Since April 2021 I started to experiment with NFT. You can find and buy some of my work at Hicetnunc. H=N is a new kind of online marketplace for collectors and artists. Hicetnunc is an opensource platform and uses Tezos, a much eco-friendlier virtual coin.

Prints by Hans Verhaegen

Regular store

If you ended up on this page, it is very likely that you are interested in purchasing a work of art. A fully functioning online store with a selective list of available works does however no longer exist.

I have reduced my idea of online sales to the most essential: contact me: hans(at)hansup(dot)be.

Creating and maintaining a separate online store is far too labor-intensive and has too little to do with the creative process. I also find it more pleasant to at least have a conversation with future collectors and try together to turn a sale into an pleasant event that can transcend the mere transfer of 'an amount to an account'.

This list of works contains almost everything I have ever made. Maintaining it on its own has a certain usefulness in my creative process and might also be considered as a work of art.

Attention: there are more than 1000 works of art and I have hardly provided any navigation or other handy means to stroll through the list. Chances are you will get a bit lost. Again, do not hesitate to contact me.

Here you can, quite informatively, also find an old version of my Terms and Conditions.


At the moment I do not work exclusively with a gallery or curator. Proposals are of course always welcome. This page will be adapted in the event of a future collaboration with external partners.

If renting a work of art appeals to you, you can currently contact Kunst in huis.