Terms & Conditions NL

Limited editions

Between 2002 and 2018 I created limited editions of 2 or maximum 3 prints made at APP in Belgium, on Fine Art Paper 308g, non acid, 100% cotton. I never use varnish. These will stay limited in the future. I will never print these big prints again. The exclusivity explains the higher prices.

There are more prints in limited editions available for sale from the same period, but they are not printed yet. Please see the complete list of prints.

Artist proofs (AP) and custom prints (CP) on demand

Starting from 2019 I offer prints at more affordable prices. Printing in my own studio gives me greater liberty of production and distribution of smaller prints (max A2) on the same high quality paper and with professional archival inks. For these prints several editions will be possible. I will keep track and publish online the several editions with the number of prints. Each print is always accompanied with a certificate.

DIY Gallery

This as a DIY Gallery. Meanwhile I am always open to work with a supporting gallery and enthousiastic curators.

Do not hesitate to contact me: hans[at]hansup[dot]be