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JamesNoise, 2022
Niku, 2022
Kant, 2022
Versatiles, 2022
Txtiles, 2022
Closer, 2022
Spoken, 2022
The Veiled Doorway, 2022
Typedup, 2022

TXTILES - on Teia

Between April and November 2021 these 200 pieces were released in several batches. Although I consider them as one work, they can be subdivided in several mini-series: I (1-4), II (5-8), III (9-16), IV (17-20), V (21-24), VI (25-34), VII (35-44), VIII (45, 66, 146), IX (46-51), X (52-55), XI (56-65), XII (67-76), XIII (77-86), XIV (87-100), XV (101-105), XVI (106-110), XVII (112-121), XVIII (122-127), XIX (128-146), XX (147-156), XXI (157-162), XXII (163-184), XXIII (185-197), XXIV (198-200). The current event is a good opportunity to bring certain of these mini-series into the spotlight again, with the focus on the 1/1s.

A filtered list of 1/1 TXTILES on objkt.com

Teia is still the first platform popping up in my mind when I want to mint a new work that is not a part of a series.

James Noise - on objkt

A triple custom font play with 1.726.112 characters in 18 chapters. In celebration of Ulysses by James Joyce written 100 years ago.

Niku - on objkt

A slow generative sketch made with processing and the HYPE library by the magnificent Joshua Davis. I use it as a painting/drawing machine that also puts me in the role of a photographer. The aim is to snap the ‘best’ shots.
After I play/learn/enjoy tweaking parameters, I sit with one finger on a button, listen to music and disappear in the simple tumbling of these two people in space.
Niku challenges me to shoot/select and ask the annoying question why one image output 'works' and an another not. Niku plays with my mood. Currently 34 pieces.

Versatiles - on Versum

This series on Versum (currently 100 pieces) is the higher resolution continuation of the TXTILE series on Teia. If you look closely you will see different sub series. Versatile 71-85 for example were especially created for the 1/1 event in July 2022 and carefully selected among 8O pieces initially produced during a 'Tickle' session with my Behringer B-control Rotary connected to a processing sketch.

Closer, Spoken and the Veiled Doorway, Kant and Niku - on Objkt.com

Kant A series of 14 that started by simply typing characters on typed.art. I copied the 7 typed sketches, put them in my custom fonts HSP 2 & 3 and enlarged them on a 2000x2000px canvas as big as possible avoiding a return to the next line. Then I repeated the pattern vertically and symmetrically to fill the blank space of the canvas. Finally I turned the result 90°. Kant is a German philosopher. In Dutch it means ‘Lace’. :)

The Veiled Doorway A series of 14 images created by using the text ‘The Veiled Doorway’ and its German translation (Die Verhüllte Pforte).

Spoken 36 ghostly scenes: two circles and a mess of shapes.

Closer A set of 36 monochrome formscapes, close ups from a series of digital works I made some years ago.

Typedup - on typed.art

The newest kid on the Tezos block. My first 10 works on this new platform are all 1/1s. I played/experimented with my hands-up logo. The whole series was made in two days much like you would sketch on a paper with a newly discovered tool.

Twee - on 8bidou.com

For this platform I created 'Twee', a series of 156 figure couples based on HSP1, a custom font I very often use to produce digital art. You could consider this as a ironic, 24x24px, black and white PFP project.

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