Hans Verhaegen

Hans Verhaegen creates paintings, drawings, prints, collages and computer animations. He likes wet paint, dry pencil and coding in computer software like Flash or Processing. A brush, a pencil or code in a computer program, all allow him to experiment with forms and colors.

Hans Verhaegen started to work with the computer around 2000. Short pieces of code produce animations that generate prints and videos. Recent work is characterized by Tetris-like human figures presented in clear grids or in complex abstract configurations. Experiments with shapes and colours somewhere between chaotic order and calculated intuition. The recurrent basic human form gives the animations and prints a very bright and often humorous tone but also betray a slightly darker vision on the human condition.

Hans Verhaegen

His hybrid work oscillates between the screen, the canvas and the exhibition space. A computer animation can be presented as a standalone installation or might be used to produce new work on paper produced in small editions and available for sale.

Contact: hans [at] hansup [dot] be

Hans Verhaegen elswhere online: Rhizome, iMAL, Mastodon