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Play by Hans Verhaegen
↳ Play, Print by Hans Verhaegen

“Vitrine” is a series of exhibitions in the library of the St. Lukas Art School in Brussels. The starting point is a display (“vitrine”) of about 2 meters on a half a meter against a wall at the entrance to the library on the first floor. The invited artists are absolutely free to also use the full space of the library, but the “vitrine” is the starting point.

There is no preview, finissage or budget. This is a minimal presentation just under the radar of the media enclosed within the comfortable walls of a library of an art school. While students rather try to break out of that safe environment of an art school, artists are given a chance to realise a presentation precisely within this art-friendly habitat. Michel Kolenberg, librarian and initiator of Vitrine, invited Hans Verhaegen for the 44th edition.

The contribution by Hans Verhaegen is a simple game with an equilateral triangle. Inspired by attempts to program in 3D, but also simply by the triangular tiles at the Ijzer metro station in Brussels, where he passes by everyday. If you only look there to the joints of the tiles, you see cubes in 3D. The Tetris-like human figures in tight grids or complex abstract configurations are a recurring theme in previous animations and drawings by Hans Verhaegen.

‘Play’ is a composition of about 7980 triangles. The result shows a human squirming in bright red, blue, yellow and green with silly poses and awkward moves. The result is shown as a design, a snapshot of an open system that can be developed further in many different ways. A balancing act between chaotic order and calculated intuition.

‘Play’ also as a title because everyone immediately recognises the triangle as the typical icon of the play button on a lot of analog and virtual machines. In that sense, a gentle reminder to the viewer and the students to continue to play as much as possible in all possible meanings.

Vitrine # 44 with 'Play' by Hans Verhaegen is accessible during opening hours of the library.

Author: Hans Verhaegen, 2014