Art is not dead. Art history is. And today Arthur Coleman Danto. Never read one letter he wrote. But a tweet to an article while finishing the Andy Warhol biography by Viktor Bockris made me read “A commentary on the end of art: What you think is what it is” by Danto.

And I am still playing around in this corner of the internet. So what is an artist supposed to do these days? Create. Do something. The usual: try not to mind too much all the theories floating around. Let the art world be the art world. If you try too much to be someone else and desperately seek fame and fortune, you might end up in some kind of meta chaos.

Three basic colours and that famous Dutch painter pops up. So how exactly can art history be dead? It’s people flying around like always, but I wanted to simplify the composition. Blue, red and yellow. And now what?

These could be sketches for paintings. The blue changes radically when printed. There are no dimensions for these yet. A selection of ten images out of an endless stream of possibilities. Would Mondrian have used a software program to come up with his final compositions? He had a theory.

Author: Hans Verhaegen, 2013