Gerhard Richter - Schilderijen 1962 - 1992

Southend on Sea by Hans Verhaegen

In the nineties (1992) I finished my studies at the University of Brussels with a text about the art of Gerhard Richter. The text gives an overview of the painting production between 1962 and 1992 and concentrates on the paintings, not so much on the literature about Gerhard Richter. I wanted to write down what I saw/felt/thought when looking at these paintings. The text is in Dutch. There are references to an image album in the text, but that album does not exist anymore.

While painting, drawing and computer-aided handcrafting, I never published the text anywhere. There is an old fashioned copy of the text at the university in Brussels and also one in the library of an art school in Brussels (Luka). Only very recently I found a small floppy disk with the text and managed to open the old text file and convert it to some more recent text file format. In the new digital format the text has 73 pages.

Recently the Gerhard Richter Archive in Dresden made the text (in the new format) available for scholars.

You can download the text here. (PDF)

Author: Hans Verhaegen, 1992