Prints by Hans Verhaegen
Prints by Hans Verhaegen

All prints are made in editions of 2 or 3 on Fine Art Paper 308g, non acid, 100% cotton, signed with pencil in bottom right corner.


Animations by Hans Verhaegen

Animations are made or written in Flash and Processing. The animations are often recoded and adapted to the specific exhibition contexts. Some animations were made only to produce prints and are not listed in the list of animations.

★ This teaser made for an exhibition in 2015 contains samples of 24 animations made between 2003 and 2015. More hansup videos on Vimeo

Each print and animation have an official catalogue number. Here are the online versions of the Catalogue Raisonné for all the prints and all the animations by Hans Verhaegen.

For work before 2002 or other than prints and animations, see the Chronological overview of art by Hans Verhaegen

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