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Proposal installation DD, 2017
↳ Proposal installation DD, 2017

Proposal installation DD

Deus Digitalis is the result of a collaboration with the Belgian composer Jean Delouvroy. ‘Deus Digitalis´ was created on the occasion of the official opening of the year (2009) in the characteristic context of the Orpheus Institute´s concert hall. The basic elements consist of computer-steered animation of the recognizable distinctive human pattern by Hans Verhaegen and the inventive composed sound layers by Jean Delouvroy.

It can be found on the wellknown Rhizome Artbase and was also part of the Small World Fair exhibition curated by Simon Poulter at Metal, Chalkwell Park, Southend-on-Sea (2010).

It is almost impossible to recreated in an image or even on video the very particular ambiance generated by the animation combined with the deep sounds of Jean Delouvroy. You really have to experience it live in a real 3D space.

Depending on your personal view point, the work can provoke very different associations. Visitors both in Ghent and in Southend-on-Sea had very wide ranging interpretations. This proposal makes a confusing relation between the worldwide adoration for or even addiction to the 'digital' and wellknown religious symbolic representations of sacred places and objects.

For this proposal I used the current exisiting space of Museum Dhont-Dhaenens, Ghent, Belgium.

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