Metal Digital Lab

MDL-01, screen

Media Lab facilitated by Graham Harwood and Simon Poulter, Monday 21 February – Saturday 26 February 2011, Metal, Chalkwell Park, Southend-on-Sea, UK

Metal and DEC (Digital Exploration Centre) worked with 8 artists for an intensive week looking at software culture. The lab is facilitated by Graham Harwood and Simon Poulter at Metal’s Chalkwell Hall in Southend. Participating artists:

Stephen Fortune - Emilie Giles - Caroline Heron - John O’Shea - Olga Panades - Rob Smith - Markus Soukup - Hans Verhaegen

The artists discussed with software experts, designers and computer scientists and looked at ways of using software in devising new work. Visiting speakers included Dr Tim Kindberg, Dr Ken Guild, Dr Matthew Fuller and Peter Higgins.

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