2 in Neon

2 in Neon, proposal for art integration
↳ 2 in Neon, proposal for art integration

Proposal for art integration curated by Paul Lagring, Saturday 13 January – Saturday 17 February 2007, Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium

The video simulates the neon installation on the roof of the Netwerk building. The footage is shot in december 2006. (© Gerry Clara) The outside architecture of the building will change in the near future.

Messages of all kind in neon are a typical and familiar urban feature. They are by nature very visible, but at he same time they can almost disappear in the surrounding cityscapes. The pure material structure is transparant.

The iconography is also straightforward and very familiar. Two geometric human figures in permanent action. They fight or maybe dance or are in constant confrontation… Minimal but playful. This installation can function as a strong landmark. For the neighbors of Netwerk, the visitors, the people living and working across the river and also the people passing by on the trains between Gent and Brussels.

Presentation of the integration of a work of art. with: 51N4E / Goele De Bruyn / Anouk De Clercq / Koenraad Dedobbeleer / Stefaan Dheedene / Lieve D’hondt / Simona Denicolai – Ivo Provoost / Christoph Fink / Frederic Geurts / Geert Goiris / Aernoudt Jacobs / Jean Bernard Koeman / Boris van Nes / Hans Verhaegen / Leen Voet.

Houtkaai 47
B-9300 Aalst

Saturday 13 January – Saturday 17 February 2007

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